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Current situation. Zero cardio, lifting 6 days a week, and have cleaned up my diet. I’m not on prep right now, I plan on enjoying my summer and not having to worry about following a diet 100% for a show. Next planned show is in November. As always I try to be real with you guys and not only show you my progress when I’m cutting for a show but also when I’m not in prep and just living life. No I’m not super lean, no I don’t have bulging muscles like a lot of other fitness girls on here, but I work my ass off and lift heavy every day. Everyone’s body responds differently to weightlifting. Everybody’s journey is different. Don’t get discouraged because you don’t look like somebody else. It’s you vs. you #toothpastemirror
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“Far too often
we value
a body
more than
a soul.”

Michelle K., Body Versus Soul. (via michellekpoems)

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Home sweet home 🌻🌻

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@traishamartin: Morning of show! Ready for those stage pics!!!